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December 18, 2021

Price: $187.99

Setting Goals that Reflect Your God-inspired Dreams.

This is a 3 HOURS WORKSHOP (starting at 9:30am EST) designed to help you make the most of the upcoming year. You will be equipped with strategies to set and accomplish goals that reflect your God-inspired dreams, regardless of the circumstances you find yourself in.

During this workshop, you'll not only have the opportunity to set achievable goals but to also create a personal execution plan that guarantees the outcomes you desire to see. It is possible for you to do what it takes to live a purposeful, impactful and profitable life.

I'll challenge you to master the art of overcoming worthless beliefs that hinder you from utilizing what you have to create your best outcomes. If you can get pass the thought that something is beyond you, you will be able to reach out for what's before you.

You have what it takes to access and fully live the life God has designed for you.


You will have access to the unforgettable experience my students from around the world had last year when they worked with me on how to take charge of their 2021. One of my students from another country was able to pay of millions worth of debt, saved up to 2 million in her local currency, lost a ton of weight, started her own business and bought a land by the end of the third quarter of this year.

You'll walk away with the tools relevant to create and sustain your results. The accomplishment of your goals is dependent on your sense of commitment, willingness and obedience.

Setting goals is more than writing a wish list of things you hope will happen. I'll walk you through a FIVE STEP process on how to effectively plan to have the most productive year yet.


What should you expect from signing up for this workshop:

1. Identify and deal with worthless beliefs that have become a hindrance to your life.
2. Learn the art of becoming tenacious and dangerously focused on reaching your goals - understanding what's at stake.
3. Set GOALS you can achieve within 6-12 months, even if this world turns upside down.
4.Design your personal execution plan on how to reach your God-inspired goals.
5. Craft your personal commitment to succeed statement for 2022.


Decree A Thing by Favour Ikome

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