We need to know this; there is always something to be afraid of. The art of dealing with or overcoming fear is something you have to consciously work at.

  1. RECEIVE LOVE. Knowing that you are loved and living your life as someone who is loved by God and the ones He’s placed in your life puts you in a position to walk in authority over fear or whatever holds it has on your life. Fear dissipates in the presence of love.

  2. FOCUS ON WHO YOU ARE. Fear zeros in on your weaknesses or inabilities and forces you to forget how gifted or talented you are. There is something about you that no one else can ever be. If that is not enough to take this world by storm, then I don’t know what is.

  3. EXPOSE THE LIES. Fear is the sum total of all the lies you have believed about your life, future, money, relationship, failure, success, etc. If you take a real state in the lies, you will never be able to possess the future that’s already possible for you to have. 

  4. BUILD ON TRUTH. You have to find your truth. For every lie that you have believed has a corresponding massive truth. 

  5. CHANGE YOUR MINDSET. How you think about yourself and the circumstances you find yourself in determines the outcome or direction of your future. Whatever you can fit your mind into, your life will fit into. In order to change your life from where it’s now to where it needs to be, you’ll have to change your mindset. If you think about fear as a fuel for your future, it will never be your fortress.

  6. CHANGE YOUR LANGUAGE SYSTEM. Fear is usually a product of the stories(usually lies) we tell our future based on our past experiences. 

  7. TAKE ACTION. Take an inventory of what it would cost you not to act on any of the opportunities you have, simply because you are afraid of what doesn’t really exist.

  8. START AGAIN. You will accomplish more if you start all over than you’d if you are stuck in your current situation because of fear. 

  9. JUST DO IT. This is my favourite one. I turn fear into fuel for my future by doing the exact thing I am afraid of. We should give fear a seat in the audience to watch us do what we have been created to do.

  10. BE OKAY WITH NOT KNOWING EVERY DETAIL. The fear of not knowing what’s ahead or what we may lose cripples us from achieving our dreams.