I had many years of my life when I was miserable as a person. I thought my life was awful and boring because I did not have what other people had. I spent time spectating and admiring others. I even wished I was them and wanted to do everything that I could to be them. But the truth is I did not need what they had. I needed to know my why. Why is Favour here? The longing in me was not for things but ultimately to live a meaningful life. So I went on a journey to discovering my purpose. And sure I did! Discovering my purpose did not all of a sudden make things become perfect. But I dealt with my imperfections differently. 

NOW!!! The game changer was sitting down to document my destiny in two sentences - writing down my personal purpose statement.  Purpose has enough weight to it that it can’t be accomplished in your solo efforts. Recently I have had people ask me questions about my journey to starting my own foundation, providing scholarships for schoolgirls in Cameroon and running an annual conference in another continent. So I thought writing this blog will not only help those who have asked me this question privately, but others who may need a similar response to propel them forward. 

Once you are able to answer this question “why am I here,” the most powerful next step is to write it down clearly. In about two and half sentences long, write down on paper your life’s purpose statement. Here are some BENEFITS of having a clearly written purpose statement;

 Conveys significance & value

When something is important to you, it becomes natural  to have it documented. Documentation increases our ability to retain that information. When you come to the AHA moment of what your life’s purpose really is, you’ll need to have it written down and memorized until you can fully communicate it to someone off hand. The relevance of legal documents, constitutions, policies, regulations and laws are emphasized in written documents that can be easily accessed when needed. Your purpose statement is your legal authorization to accomplish your biggest dreams and impact the lives of those around you.

Positions you to attract what you need

As a speaker and a coach, I get to meet and have conversations with amazing people. Some of these people have aspirations and life changing initiatives they would like to execute but say they lack have access to what they need or connections to the right people. A written down purpose statement not only allows you to acknowledge what you lack but to have conscious awareness to search it out. There is always someone out there with what you need. There are tons of people out there who would love to partner with you on this journey of life. But they will need you to clearly communicate (sometimes in writing) where you are headed with your dream. Proper documentation is a pathway to accessing your team players and resources. 

 Gives You a Sense of Responsibility

Every time you write down something that’s important, you become fully responsible for that information becoming a tangible reality. You are not only documenting what it is that you are created to do. But you’ll feel a sense of responsibility to make sure it’s actually done. From your head to your pen, you become doubly aware of the urgency of the impact that your life should have earth. We open ourselves up for a whole world of possibilities when we act on what we know, using what we already have. When you take time to calve out your own purpose statement, the limitations you face only become stepping stones for your own success not obstacles.

 Boost Your Sense of Worth & Confidence

A well written purpose statement boost your sense of worth and confidence. Like I mentioned before, we’ll not be happier if we make more money.  Satisfaction comes with making money doing the very thing you were created to do. Your purpose statement is an indication that you have an understanding of you are and the legacy that your life we leave on earth  during your timeline of existence. It also makes you credible to lead others. There are people whose trajectory will forever change by your ability to articulate your purpose in writing and live out in action.

NEED HELP working on your personal purpose statement? I would be glad to assist you. I started changing my world in the capacity I wanted to only after I crated out in paper what I wanted to spend the rest of my life doing, at all cost possible.